RePear, how to build a videogame in a weekend

The point is there is the support of a free, creative, inspiring initiative with few strings attached besides a logo and 10-sec video about the company behind it. Moreover, they are offering perks specifically designed for us to build our game and succeed in the challenge, regardless of our own resources: thus setting participants on an equal footing, empowering a wide range of passionates.

If you have ever organized an event or project you know what I’m talking about. So I’ll simply mention them as a thank.







The revelatory video is well-made!
The Theme!!
I’m the Black marker
Team RePear
Push the button!!
  • We have devised a system of rewards for your continued work in the form of humorous anecdotes, one-liners, quips, and puns. It is imPearative to keep up morale.
  • What do you call a fruity pop star? Katy Peary
  • When there are two pears. You say that there are a pair of Pears.
  • Then there are two flawless Pears. You say that there are a pair of Pearfect pears.
What kind of Pear are you? The team explorer or the lone adventurer?
It’s aliiiiive!
Go get the game !!!
Over 10.000!!!
  • Theme
  • Execution
  • And Fun
And of course a round of applause for Marcus, I didn’t film it as I was to busy acclaiming him.

Pears have acrophobia, the fear of heights. Pears aren’t fearless, just pearlessly brave.

🍐🍐I am grateful for this team, for the games, and for the Pears 🍐🍐

When you’re too lazy to name soundfiles…



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Abdul Otman


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