Hey Everyone!

I have been grinding my gears to find a way to contribute in these challenging times…

Since the 1st of October 2019, I live in Suderbyn, an ecovillage in Sweden. It has been almost 6 months since I embarked on this experience: a radical shift towards ecology and sustainable development, and I take whatever chance I have to share my experience. Be it the open days and workshops we organize locally or the articles that I write about this adventure (you can follow my https://medium.com/@abdulotman).

This Saturday, 21st March, I celebrated my 30th birthday. I received countless lovely…

En ces temps de grande collaboration numérique, je me suis retrouvé dans le besoin de synthétiser et de me préparer plus régulièrement qu’avant les réunions en ligne. Et surtout former des groupes de personnes au quotidien. Ainsi, avec des lectures et des préparatifs intenses, vient un temps de réflexion et de partage. Je vise à utiliser ce contenu comme une feuille de triche à lire avant tout entraînement.

Je me concentrerai davantage sur la partie contenu et animation que sur la partie technique (peut-être une autre fois?).


J’adore improviser. Et savez-vous pourquoi? Parce que je prépare trop. Sur-planifie. Et donc, je l’espère, sur-délivre. Avoir un ordre du jour clair et défini vous permet de réfléchir aux objectifs des réunions:

  • Présenter le cadre de la réunion (hôtes, rôles, règles)
  • Inclure les participants (présentation, contribution)

Et comment faites-vous cela?

Vous pouvez autoriser chaque hôte à prendre le micro, à montrer son visage et à se présenter. Parfois, je vois l’animateur «principal» présenter tout le monde, mais cela n’encourage pas les…

In these times of extensive digital collaboration, I found myself in the need to synthesize and prepare more regularly than before online meetings. And especially training groups of people on a daily basis. So, with intense readings and preparations comes a time for reflection and sharing. I aim to use this content as a cheat sheet to read before any training.

I will focus more on the content and facilitation part than on the technical part (maybe another time?).

The agenda

I love improvising. And do you know why? Because I over-prepare. Over plan. Then hopefully over-deliver. …

This Saturday, on a day that only happens every 4 years, Suderbyn Ecovillage welcomed every student of life into its community. For a real Leap Day!

It was on my mind for months now. I had the chance to take part in several student initiatives since I arrived in Gotland in October, especially by GHOST — Gotland Headquarters of Sustainable Thinkers, the university’s sustainability club.

For instance, there was the Green Christmas fair earlier in December.

Movie projections such as Artifishal:

Or Sundays fill the jar challenges.

Whether at work, on a trip, or anything else, I hate being in reaction mode instead of action mode. There’s usually a (fake) sense of urgency that we must react upon. And more often than not, delaying the decision is the best go-to-plan.

On the other hand, I have been through several crises where inherent uncertainty discouraged any initiative. The fear of worsening things, of having limited visibility can freeze people and organizations when it should have been the opposite.

Trying to reach that sweet spot… Credit: https://www.decision-making-solutions.com/decision-timing.html

The lost Brother

D— Where is your brother?
A — I don’t know dad, we split after the bumper cars.
D — You mean he’s…

This winter has been “interesting” to say the least. Freeze and snow were nowhere seen, rain and humidity kept providing for our Water storage (that’s partly shared in this adventure).

A calm morning at Suderbyn

Nonetheless, life at Suderbyn Ecovillage was becoming muddy, literally. First, you might think “Okay, this a story about muddy boots?”. You’re right. But it’s also the story of pushing wheelbarrows through muddy soil and wanting to save our working energy while beautifying the land. Of course, beauty is subjective, I’m going to share one of our definition.

But first, since we are talking about soil, let’s have a little expertise.

The past few weeks we had a generous amount of rain coming up at Suderbyn Ecovillage. While it is always a blessing to fill up our water storage and ponds, when the glass is full, it overflows!

Take a look for yourself:

No, all of this water was not supposed to be there

Antoine, who is coordinating the garden with Laura, brought us together to come up with a long term solution.

There you have it!

In pond design, one fundamental aspect is to have an overflow mechanism. Otherwise, as the saying goes, “it will make its own”. …

Make you appreciate yourself

Make you like being yourself

Make you feel dumb

Make you feel smart

Make you enjoy the silence, together

Léo dancing — By Jingwen (http://www.jingwenyao.com/art)

Surround yourself with people that

Make you enjoy doing nothing

Make you want to do everything

Make you want to share a chocolate bar…or a bottle of wine

Back in 2012, I set out with my friend Yvann for a trip to Cambodia. I was in Thailand and the time. Due to Visa constraints, I had to leave the territory every 3 months, get stamped on my passport, then come back.

The easiest accessible country was Cambodia, with a quick minivan drive from Mo Chit bus station until the border at Aranyaprathet (Thailand side), Paôy Pêt (Cambodia side). It was one of the bumpiest roads I ever traveled on. Moreover, the speed at which we drove required at least 3 seatbelts in order to feel safe.

I’m not…

Abdul Otman

Cofounder of Remote-ready, Elected council member of Global Ecovillage Network Europe

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